Houston Brittain’s Conservative Vision For Oklahoma!

Defend Our Constitutional Rights: Houston Brittain will always protect our Second Amendment freedoms, religious liberties, free speech, and the Right To Life!

Demand A Balanced, Responsible State Budget: Houston Brittain will utilize his business expertise to ensure Oklahoma’s state budget is balanced, fair, and responsible.

Enhance Infrastructure And Improve Road Safety: Houston Brittain understands that our infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. He will ensure our families and businesses have safe roads and bridges.

Create Family-Supporting Jobs: Houston Brittain has spent his career helping small business owners reach their dreams. He will work to create family-supporting jobs by attracting great job-creators, supporting family farmers, and slashing needless red tape.

Crackdown On Drug Trafficking And Violent Crime: Houston Brittain will work hand-in-hand with Oklahoma’s brave law enforcement officers and first responders to keep our communities safe.

Reduce The Tax Burden For Working Families: Houston Brittain knows that the aftermath of COVID and rampant inflation have hurt Oklahoma’s workers and family farmers. He will fight to help Oklahoma families keep more of their hard-earned dollars.